I’m a music junkie, and this site is about music I like.  It’s eclectic enough that I hope there will be something here to offend everyone.

Everything here means something to me.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, but I think most of it is.  At the very least it’s interesting.

I’m not into ripping musicians off, so I’ve only posted stuff here which isn’t currently available.  Of course that means the mainstream stuff I like isn’t here, nor is there much that’s recent, so it isn’t a true record of my tastes.

All the rips on this site are done by me from music I own.  Much is on vinyl, but there are some CDs too.

Why Vinyl301?  It’s in honour of my beautiful 1962 Garrard 301 turntable which I use for most of the vinyl rips.  It may be old, but it sounds incredible.

You could also ask, why bother?  Spending time on making a web site on which I give music away seems daft.  Well, it started when I decided to stop listening to CDs and get a music streamer.  I have so many CDs that they were threatening to take over the house and I could never find what I wanted.   Streaming was the solution – I ripped them all to flac, put them on a server, and now I can access all my music wherever I am in the house at the touch of a button.  What’s more it sounds better than any CD player I own.

The streamer also meant that for the first time I could download music files and play them on my hi-fi.  I quickly discovered music blogs and really enjoyed engaging with the music collections of other music obsessives.  I also wanted to complete the task of making all my music available on the streamer, which meant ripping vinyl.  I don’t think I’ll ever finish ripping my vinyl – there’s just too much of it, but I’ve enjoyed digging out vinyl I haven’t played for 20 years.

Having created this huge digital archive of all my music, the blog was the easy bit.

  1. Love the blog
    thanks for King of the Slums, been looking for this since my ex wife deposited all my vinyl at the local charity shop

  2. OMG, my worst nightmare, although you’d need strong arms to get all my vinyl to the shops…
    Is there anything else you’re looking for? Happy to rip anything I have as long as it’s no longer available.
    Glad you like my blog.

  3. A great Blog !

    My roots are also in the 80’s so many posts means a lot to me.

    My Turntable is broke and honestly I don’t have the patience to hear records anymore, so I don’t fix it. That means many of my youth’s treasures are out of sight & ears… Thanks to you (and few other blogers) I manage to reconnect & discover old stuff which I didn’t know at the time.
    Cheers !

    1. Thanks! It’s genuinely nice to know that it’s appreciated.

  4. Love the site – glad I found this one. Lot’s of great stuff from my youth. Please keep up the good work.

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