Stuff I Want

This is a list of stuff i want. It’s never likely to be that long – these days a bit of googling turns most things up.

Preferably lossless, but a 320MP3 at worst:

Pigbros/The Waltones: Split Flexi discogs

Guitars On Mars (Virgin Ambient Compilation) Discogs


  1. Still need the Guitars on Mars? I can get you a perfect EAC FLAC rip. Just let me know and I’ll find a service that allows 768MB uploads.

    1. Yes, please, that would be great.

      I’ve uploaded a load of the older posts to 4shared – they take files that big and seem reliable enough.

      Thanks, you’re a star!

  2. Cool I’ll get on it. Check your adminATvinyl301 email later this evening.

    1. Thanks – I’m looking forward to it…

  3. E-mail sent.

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