Vinyl Ripping Gear

Most of my vinyl rips are done with the following equipment:

1962 Garrard 301 Turntable (Oil Bearing)

58mm slate plinth custom made by Slate Age

Transfi Terminator T3 Pro Linear Air Bearing Arm

Transfi Resomat

Denon 103 Cartridge, original housing replaced by an aluminium Midas body

Pass Labs Aleph ONO Phono Stage.

AVI Labs Pre-amp

Pioneer PDR509 CD Recorder

NVA Soundpipe cables

DB Poweramp Ripping Software


All vinyl is cleaned before use on an Okki Nokki record cleaning machine.

I don’t do any click removal.


I occasionally do rips on another system – usually 10″ vinyl or flexis which the Resomat doesn’t like.  It’s a decent enough system, but the plinth is starting to sag and the cartridge is past its best.  It still sounds OK though.

1988 Roksan Xerxes turntable.

Linn LVX Arm

Audiotechnica ATF5 OCC

Audiolab 8000a integrated amp with some upgraded internals

The rest is the same as my main system.


  1. Just wondering what soundcard and software you use to capture your rips. Seems like a missing piece of your rip process. Just curious because I know different people like different interfaces.

    1. Hi RC,

      I don’t use a sound card at all. The analogue > digital conversion is handled by the CD recorder, so I only need CD ripping software on the PC.

      I do it that way because the converter in the CD recorder is excellent and because my PC isn’t near my turntable, so I can’t physically connect them. I’m also too tight fisted to buy a decent sound card.


  2. I’ve never seen that done. Very interesting process.

    1. Actually there’s another reason to do it with a CD recorder. Recorders are obsolete technology and so are worthless. Mine is really high quality and cost £10. You wouldn’t get much of a soundcard for that.

  3. Woah! thats some serious gear.
    Usually people use a Technics 1200 and I dont bother downloading.

    1. Yes, it’s a nice rig, although I think I could do with a better cartridge. I love the idea that a turntable that’s more than 50 years old is still so hard to better – although mine hasn’t had much use. It was bought new by my Grandfather, but my Grandmother hated music so he could only use it when she went out.

      It’s hard to know with the Technics. Out of the box they’re not the best, but a few quite simple mods can really make them sing. A mate has one and has removed the power supply and put it in an external box. Even that makes a big difference. Prof Stoned gets some pretty decent results from his, but I don’t know whether he’s modded it.

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