Anything you want to hear?

I’m happy to do requests, although of course there are two provisos:

1.  It must be unavailable commercially (second hand is fine)

2.  It must be something I have.  Obviously you don’t know what I have, but the blog’s been going for long enough now that you’ll have an idea of what I like.

  1. Hi, can I request all the albums you had on Weather Prophets.

    1. I have some stuff by the Weather Prophets (and The Loft). No albums, but at least 4 EPs and a few 7″ singles. They’ll all get posted soon. In the meantime, there are a few tracks on the Creation compilations I’ve already posted.

      1. Thanks very much.

  2. it’s hard to guess what you might have.

    A Certain Ratio [acr:mcr alone]
    Red Guitars
    Frank And Walters
    The Baptist Generals
    Khaya [on SL Records]
    Blood And Roses [Same As It Never Was alone]

    1. I have some ACR. I need to check that it’s currently unavailable – if it is, I’ll rip and post it. Don’t have any of the rest I’m afraid.

      1. I’ve just ripped Sextet – it’ll be posted in the next day or two.

      2. ‘Everything Starts With An A’ has Kalima
        I asked for re-upload there.
        My comment did not pass the moderation.
        I think he do not want to do the job.

        1. I think he’s too busy to do re-ups. It is very difficult when you have a blog like this to keep all the old links live – and he has much more than I do.

  3. I’ve been searching for years for quality vinyl rips of Jacqui Brookes’ LP ‘Sob Stories’. And the three 12″ singles released to promote the LP; Her cover of ‘Trains and Boats and Planes’, ‘Haunted Coctails’ and the ‘Lost Without Your Love’ Promo. I don’t think any of these have ever been re-released, and they were not released on CD. Most likely not your fave, but worth a listen. All the best in 2014. Thanks, Eric

    1. Sorry, don’t have any of her stuff. By an odd co-incidence I did pick up a 7″ of the original of Trains And Boats and Planes in a charity shop recently which I might post.

      1. That would be cool. Thanks.

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