The blog has now been around long enough for a a few of the less popular early posts to have been deleted by my filehost. ┬áIf you want any of those, leave a message, preferably in the comments for that particular rip, and I’ll re-up.

  1. It seems Ultramegabit deletes files much more quickly than they\’re supposed to, so I\’m experimenting with other hosts. I\’ve re-upped a few older posts onto bitupload because they claim they never delete files – let\’s see. Unfortunately bitupload is difficult for the uploader, but it seems fine for downloads.

    Another possibility is to put a bit of advertising on the site and use the money to pay for a premium filehost membership so that nothing gets deleted. Ultramegabit pay a small amount per download, but it will never be enough to pay for a premium membership.

    Comments or suggestions gratefully received….

  2. OK, all the links should now be working, except Denim’s first album because that seems to be available again.

  3. Bitupload turned out to be hopeless. They claim never to delete files, but down they went a couple of weeks after I uploaded them. So, yesterday I uploaded most of the deleted files to 4shared. Let’s see how that goes. All the remaining bitupload links still work though.
    I think pretty much everything now works OK. Post a message if anything’s missing.

  4. Can you check the Durutti Column/Morrissey bonus flexi/3″ link? Seems to be down. Been looking for a decent rip since I stupidly sold my original.

  5. I’ve just had a look and the link works for me – but they seem to randomly fail for some people, so I’m uploading it now to 4shared – hopefully that’ll work for you. I’ll post the new link later today.

  6. 4shared link now up. Hopefully it’ll work for you..

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