A Certain Ratio: Sextet


Factory 1982.  FACT55


I’m slightly too young to have got into ACR when they were at their peak.  Or maybe I just wasn’t cool enough as a teenager.  Whatever the reason, this is the only ACR I have, and “Hint” requested it, so here goes.

I guess you could call this album indiefunk.  They have two very proficient bass players and some imaginative percussion, but they don’t quite leave behind their post-punk roots, so they end up with an effective combination of two styles you’d think should be kept apart.  Having said that, it’s very much of it’s time, but for me that adds to its appeal.  There are elements of jazz here, as there so often is in funk (someone’s been listening to Miles I think) and some latin percussion here and there.  It’s eclectic, innovative and very well played.

For more ACR, Everything Starts With An A is the place to go.  He’s far more knowledgeable about the band than I am, and has posted a lot more (although not this album).