Act: I Can’t Escape From You (Compacted)


ZTT Records, 1988.  CDIMM2


A nice slab of 80s synthpop today. Act were a short lived collaboration between Claudia Brücken of Propaganda and Thomas Leer. I bought this for the interesting cover of The Smiths’ Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now but the rest of the disc is worth a listen.

The single is very much of it’s time and classic ZTT to boot.  Overblown and dated or classy, intelligent synthpop?  You choose.   Brücken is a great singer whatever you think of the production and her jazz inflected interpretation of The Smiths is wonderful.

This is ripped from the rare CD version of the single which has more tracks.  They were all re-issued in 2004 as part of a lavish triple boxed set which is now even rarer than this original single.

There’s not much in the way of further listening apart from Act’s only album, Laughter Tears And Rage which seems to be easy to get hold of.