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Flying Saucer Attack

Domino Records 1997.  RUG57


Flying Saucer Attack were, I think, the finest exponents of the loud fuzzy guitar/quiet vocals thing popularised by the Jesus and Mary Chain.  And yes, I know the Velvets invented it…  This was their last single and is classic FSA lo-fi goodness.

Surprisingly their first album is still available.  I’ve never heard it, but everything I do have by them is well worth getting, so you could do a lot worse…

Various Artists: Monsters, Robots & Bugmen

Various - Monsters, Robots and Bugmen

Virgin Ambient 1996.  AMBT11


Another compilation in Virgin’s superb ambient series, this one dealing with the new, at least back then, genre of post rock.  As is always the case with this series, they do a good job, although it can be a jarring listening experience because of the diversity of post rock.  In fact the sleevenotes give different possible running orders which you could use depending on your mood.  Did anyone bother?

Unusually there are no exclusives here, although most of the tracks are now unavailable 17 years after the event.  I’m surprised that I’ve posted none of the artists here before – many of them will appear later.

Highlights for me are Flying Saucer Attack, Ui, Stereolab, Labradford and Third Eye Foundation.