Gary Clail: End Of The Century Party


On-U Sound 1989.  ON-U LP49


I’ve been ripping too much indiepop lately, so here’s a change of mood to the ever reliable dub label, On-U Sound; this time Gary Clail.

This was his second album, easier on the ear than his earlier outings with Tackhead.  Here he collaborates to good effect with On-U labelmates Dub Syndicate (more from them later), Barmy Army and most notably the singer Bim Sherman whose silky voice is enough to stop you in your tracks.

His political fire hasn’t dimmed though – on this album he rails against corporate power (Two Thieves and a Liar, Privatise The Air) and a remarkable anti-meat eating track, Beef.  I’m a vegetarian, but if there’s one thing likely to get me back on the burgers it’s the likes of Morrissey and his absurd preaching.  Here though Clail tells it like it is and leaves the listener to draw conclusions.  I have a better version of this track on a single which I’ll post at some point.