The Nightblooms: Crystal Eyes


Fierce 1990.  Fright041


The Nightblooms were a Dutch band who had obviously made quite a study of the likes of MBV and Slowdive, but they did take their aesthetic somewhere a bit new.  This single is awash with fuzzed out guitar, loads of wah-wah and twee female vocals very low in the mix.   The song is so great it feels like they must have nicked it from somewhere, but I can’t place it.  The B side is similar, but without a tune it doesn’t work that well.

It’s an odd release though because it’s on the somewhat dodgy Fierce Records, which have featured here quite a bit.  However this is a totally normal record.  The band are real and were signed to Fierce.  It was distributed properly, has the playing time you’d expect, with proper covers and label art work.  It might be the only Fierce release I have which is like it.