Dub Sex: Time Of Life

Dub Sex

Scam 1989.  SCAM005


Dub Sex were a Manchester band who were, I think, unjustly ignored.  This is a fabulous, dark single, oozing with energy and anger.  It’s like a cross between Wire and late period New Fads.  I came across them on a flexi which came with an issue of the excellent Debris magazine, on the strength of which I bought a few bits and pieces by the band.   I know nothing more about them, and there’s precious little on the net, but don’t let that put you off – this should have been huge.

Dub Sex have appeared on this blog before, on the rather fine Edward Not Edward compilation.  There is of course nothing available to buy by the band.


  1. Forever

    Big THANK YOU!
    I am amongst their fans actually.
    When Dub S*x ceased to exist
    Mark Hoyle, the vocalist, built Dumb, my favorite band.
    I will be very glad if you’ll manage to find all outputs in FLAC
    and another Dub S*x too.

    Note: tHEY, these bloggers did not permit to put the whole Dub S*x saying it is spam.

  2. Vinyl301

    You’re welcome!

    I didn’t know about Dumb, but I’ll look out for some.
    The only other Dub S*x I have is the Splintered Faith compilation, which I’ll post soon.

    I can’t believe the software moderated your post – it lets through loads of other spam which I have to delete manually. Actually it’s done the same to me, and I’m the administrator!

  3. Vinyl301

    I’ll post splintered faith later in the year. Right now I’m trying to stick to vinyl rips because I’m likely to have to put my turntable in storage for a while when I emigrate – when that happens I’ll be posting CDs.

    Not sure whether Splintered Faith has printed lyrics. All my CDs are boxed up ready to move so I can’t check.

    • Forever

      Under any circumstances whatsoever?
      Before you leave the country try not to forget about the poor
      and give us the final salute: Splintered Faith
      We will pray.

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