Anything you want to hear?

I’m happy to do requests, although of course there are two provisos:

1.  It must be unavailable commercially (second hand is fine)

2.  It must be something I have.  Obviously you don’t know what I have, but the blog’s been going for long enough now that you’ll have an idea of what I like.


  1. Hint

    it’s hard to guess what you might have.

    A Certain Ratio [acr:mcr alone]
    Red Guitars
    Frank And Walters
    The Baptist Generals
    Khaya [on SL Records]
    Blood And Roses [Same As It Never Was alone]

  2. kookoo

    I’ve been searching for years for quality vinyl rips of Jacqui Brookes’ LP ‘Sob Stories’. And the three 12″ singles released to promote the LP; Her cover of ‘Trains and Boats and Planes’, ‘Haunted Coctails’ and the ‘Lost Without Your Love’ Promo. I don’t think any of these have ever been re-released, and they were not released on CD. Most likely not your fave, but worth a listen. All the best in 2014. Thanks, Eric

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