Hypnotone: Dream Beam


Creation 1990.  CRESCD 082


Creation’s brief dalliance with dance music wasn’t entirely successful, but this single, their first dance release is an exception I think.  I suppose Alan McGee’s self belief must have had a boost when his jangly indiepop signing Primal Scream created the whole indie/dance crossover thing, but it was obvious his ear was attuned to guitar bands and not much else.

Hypnotone were Tony Martin (who did production work for Primal Scream and The Lilac Time) and Martin Mittler (of Intestella) .   This was retro even in 1990 with its minimalist synth sounds, but otherwise very much of its time, and apparently, a Balearic classic.

They did a handful of singles and, surprisingly a couple of albums, none of which are now available.  They did do a rather fine remix of Primal Scream’s Come Together though which is on the double version of the Dirty Hits compilation.

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