Lindstrøm: It’s A Feedelity Affair


Small Town Supersound 2006.  STS126CD


We all need some Nordic Space Disco in our lives.  Maybe you haven’t realised it yet, but believe me, you do.  This is a compilation of some of Lindstrøm’s singles issued between 2003 and 2006, and there isn’t a duff track here.  In fact every track is pretty much stupendous and it is one of the most consistently brilliant albums I’ve bought over the last 10 years or so.

It achieves the remarkable feat of using every corny retro trick in the book to make a catchy dance record, with a lot more than a nod to Abba, while not sounding kitsch at all.  It’s very retro while at the same time very contemporary.  It ought to be a really irritating record, but I find it utterly distracting – I can’t get anything done while it’s playing.

I don’t get why he’s not a lot more successful – I guess maybe at home in Norway he is.

More Lindstrøm?  Well this is my favourite.  Some of his later albums haven’t been as good, but the new one, Smallhans is quite a return to form.

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