Momus: Right Hand Heart 7″


Creation Records 1988.  CRE-FRE 3

Not separately listed on Discogs.

This 7″ was given away free with the first few copies of Momus’s best (I think) album, Tender Pervert. Both tracks seem to be demos, although info about this release is hard to come by.

What I do know is that this is one of the shoddiest 7″ singles I own. It’s pressed off centre, is distorted and crackles a fair bit. I thought about not bothering posting it, but it deals well with Momus’s biggest musical problem, which is burying his songs under loads of bland and/or irritating arrangements. These much simpler versions work far better, and so it’s worth putting up with the poor sound quality. Alan McGee apparently agreed – he liked Momus’s demos more than the released versions.

Momus is still recording, although I’ve bought nothing for at least a decade so no real recommendations. He’s written books too which I might check out at some point.


Right Hand Heart
The Poison Boyfriend (1982)

  1. Hi, thanks a lot for this rarity, i’ve been listening The Happy Family for a long time and some days ago decided to check Currie’s solo material, after some research i decided that this would be a great place to start with his music (i’m open to a recommendation -wink wink- based on what i said before tho, haha). Anyway, i’ve been trying to download this since last friday, but when i click on the start download box it redirects me to page which says “404 Not Found nginx/1.2.1”. I tried with Chrome, Firefox and IExplorer, so i don’t know if the problem is mine, or if the links are down. Hope that you can help me with this one.
    By the way, you are making a great job with this blog.
    Take care

    1. Hi there,

      I wondered what was up with this file – it’s showing more than 10 times as many downloads as anything else – must have been you trying… Anyway, it seems you’re right, it won’t download, although the file is there. It seems there’s the same problem with some of the files I put on bitupload when ultramegabit deleted them. Bitupload are good on technical support so hopefully I can sort it. In the meantime I’ve re-upped it to ultramegabit, so you should be able to grab it.

      My favourite Momus album is Tender Pervert, but there might be a problem with that file too – leave it with me. The other one I really like is The Poison Boyfriend (the album, not this 7″), which I’ll post soon. I’ve also got maybe 10 later albums which aren’t so good, but I’ll post them too at some point. I don’t have Circus Maximus though which I think is probably really good, and there are some early vinyl EPs I like but I only have them on knackered cassettes..

      I don’t have any Happy Family – in fact I didn’t know he played with them. Is there any on your blog?

      Glad you like the blog. It’s a bit random sometimes, but then so is the music I like.

      1. Hi!,

        Thanks for reuploading the files and for the new momus post, i heard a sample of Poison Boyfriend on youtube and wanted to download this so much, perfect timing.

        I will have in mind your recommendations and will go in chronological order, Currie seems to be an incredible songwriter.

        About The Happy Family, they were Currie plus some members from Josef K with all their material released on 4ad (in my opinion this is the perfect combination between 4ad, Creation and Postcard Records, a must have). I reuploaded a reissue that contains all their songs to my blog (link below), hope you find it usefull.

        1. Mega always seems to be down these days, so the Happy Family album will have to wait.. I’m having filehost problems too. Bitupload promise never to delete files but I’ve just noticed they’ve taken down about half of mine, and they don’t last too long on ultramegabit either. I’ll have to find someone else I guess.

          I’ll gradually post more Momus as time goes on, but if you get a copy of Circus Maximus I’d love a rip of that. The other one I don’t have is an EP of Jacques Brel covers on Creation, but I think that’s pretty hard to find now, and vinyl only.

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  3. […] The album includes a favourite of mine, Right Hand Heart which I’ve already posted a demo version of.  The demo is such a favourite that I’ve done a shiny new rip of it because my new cartridge picks up a lot less surface noise.  Get it here. […]

  4. New rip featuring less surface noise linked to above.

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