The Pooh Sticks: Dying For It


Fierce Records 1989.  FRIGHT 034


Another rare indie 7″, but a good one this time.  The Pooh Sticks had moved on by 1989 from being a terrible band with a great sense of humour into an outfit who could actually make decent records.  This is a cover of a Vaselines song (Nirvana also had a strange penchant for this obscure Scottish band which gave them some infamy).  OK, so Hugh still can’t sing, but they’ve either learnt to play or have hired someone who can because this single really rocks with loads of distortion and wah-wah.  Actually, the only person who can play is the lead guitarist – the rest is as bad as ever, but the overall effect works for me. It’s not much of a hi-fi experience though….

Fierce were keen on selling records for a lot of money with very little music on them – this one didn’t cost too much but is one sided, so only 1 track.

I found a delightful letter from Hugh inside.  Fierce were mainly mail order, so some sort of correspondence was inevitable:


Google analytics means I can do scary e-stalking of people who come here.  Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did discover that the band have linked to this blog from their facebook page. I guess that means they’re not hacked off with me posting their deleted material which is good to know.

  1. I’ve done a better rip of this – link above.

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