Psychic TV: Godstar


Temple Records 1985.  TOPY S 009 + TOPY H 009

Discogs: double 7″

Discogs: 12″

For some reason I have both the 12″ and the double 7″ of this release, but it is a favourite.  Godstar is about the late Brian Jones who died just before the Stones famous 1969 Hyde Park gig and has since been credited with all sorts of mystical powers.  I wouldn’t know about that, but it’s certainly the sort of thing you’d expect Psychic TV to pick up on.

The cover claims that it’s from the soundtrack of a forthcoming film, although I’ve never heard of it actually being released or even finished.  The title track is very Stones inspired, which is quite a departure for PTV, although they do a really good job of it, especially on the 7″ version which is by far the best.  Hard to imagine such a listenable track was created by someone who was a founder member of Throbbing Gristle.  The remainder is a bit patchy, but the Hyperdelic mix works well.

More recently, Psychic TV founder Genesis P Orridge has become better known for his attempt to create a hybrid being with his wife, which involved him having radical plastic surgery in order to look like her.  She died a few years back, leaving his project not just bizarre to everyone else, but also tragic.

  1. Great record. Not long after, of course, PTV released another double 7″ containing a cover of Good Vibrations, which was also supposed ot be from a film soundtrack about Roman Polanski…. What were they drinking in those days?

    1. LSD

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