Momus: The Poison Boyfriend


Creation Records 1988.  CRELP 021 CD


Rownderbowt over at the excellent Huremics wanted some Momus, so I’ve re-upped all my old Momus posts, and added this one, which is his second album, and the earliest one I own.  The further back you go through his catalogue, the less he uses irritating bedroom electronica as backing, so on this album his excellent songwriting and lyrics are relatively unencumbered.

This is the CD issue which includes the contemporaneous EP Murderers The Hope Of Women as the first three tracks.  Normally I separate out this sort of thing and present them as they were originally released, but not this time – just didn’t get around to it I’m afraid.

I haven’t really got anything more to add to what I said when I posted Tender Pervert – you can read all that stuff here.

  1. Thanks Momus – I hope that means you’re not annoyed with me for posting your old stuff.

    The above link is well worth exploring. It includes MP3s of the six Creation albums + a couple of other rarities I didn’t know existed.

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