Mouse On Mars: Miami


Monkeytown Records 2012.  MTRRSD2012


I went a bit mad at record store day last year, so here’s another of my purchases.  This is an exclusive track from Mouse On Mars, presumably an out-take from their excellent Parastrophics album.  MOM have been around for a long time, but maintain an experimental, edgy feel to their electronica.  I saw them play Llubljana a couple of years back and it was impressive how funky two geeks behind a load of electronic equipment managed to be.

Slack as always I’ve only just noticed the B side isn’t by MOM – it’s labelmates Prefuse 73 who I know absolutely nothing about.  It means the file is tagged wrong – you’ll have to correct it yourself if it bothers you.

If you want more, the new album I mentioned above is worth a punt.  Buy it direct from the band and cut out the tax dodging middlemen.

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