Bogshed: Let Them Eat Bogshed


Vinyl Drip 1985.  DRIP 2


I bought this in the same way as I bought so much else.  Listened to John Peel and then went record shopping in my lunch hour.  Bogshed were huge Peel favourites, and according to Wikipedia he coined the term shambling to describe them.  Their angular, jagged sound, always seeming to be on the verge of collapse was similar to the sort of stuff usually to be found on the Ron Johnson label, but Bogshed stood apart from those bands with a sound of their own.

This EP was their debut, and I think their best, although like Mighty Mighty they reached a wider audience on the legendary C86 compilation.


  1. […] well, but there are some gems among the more forgettable stuff.  As I recall I bought this for the Bogshed track, which as far as I can tell is exclusive to this release and is, predictably, fabulous.  […]

  2. Hi,

    When you have more time, it will be great if you can reupload it.

    The site says: “The file you have requested has been deleted because it was not accessed for more than 60 days.”

  3. New link and a new improved rip above.

  4. Great stuff! I don’t suppose you have their album “Brutal”? Can’t find my copy anywhere and desperate to hear it again….!

    1. No, apart from tracks on compilation albums, this is all I have. It’s odd because I played this to death which would normally trigger a buying frenzy… Must have been broke.

  5. Thank you so much!!!

    I can still hear in my mind Peel saying : “That was a song by the band Bogshed, from thier Let Them Eat Bogshed EP”

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