Five Go Down To The Sea?: Singing In Braille


Creation 1985.  CRE021T


Five Go Down To The Sea? weren’t much like any other bands on Creation at the time.  Their music was jagged, discordant and chaotic with unhinged vocals, but was very much part of the achingly cool (back then) Ron Johnson sound, although despite their three singles being on three different labels, they never recorded for Ron Johnson.  The band apparently claimed that the much more successful Stump ripped them off, which is certainly a plausible story.  I think they’d spent too long listening to old Beefheart records.

This was the band’s last single, issued shortly before the lead singer drowned in Hyde Park while drunk.

So is it any good?   Well that depends on how much you like discordant music.  If you do it works well, but if you’re after the jangly indiepop more typical of early Creation singles, you’re in for a disappointment.  Whatever it’s the sort of obscure record this sort of blog should be about.

  1. I’ve only just discovered your wonderful blog. Some outstanding stuff you’ve posted here, such as this EP. Many thanks and looking forward to see what other obscurities you will post!

    1. Thanks. It’s nice to know it’s appreciated.

  2. It says File not available

    1. It works for me….

      This is a new upload – maybe you tried the old ultramegabit link which is now deleted? I only swapped them a few days back.

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