Various Artists: Lunacy Is Legend EP


Barracuda Blue Records 1987.  12UTA9


As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t had much time lately to post stuff here, or to do vinyl rips.  That’s because I became a dad for the first time last week, so priorities have shifted a bit.  Things are calming down now so I’ll get back to it, but from now on the pace will be a bit slower.

I’m also having filehost trouble – all music bloggers get it at some point.  Ultramegabit are taking down files much faster than they’re supposed to, bitshare are terminally unreliable and my 4shared account is pretty much full.  So I need another free filehost who doesn’t take files down, but have no time right now to look for one.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

In the meantime, here’s a rather obscure EP which is mostly a Marc Bolan tribute.  The real draw here is Nikki Sudden whose massive body of work is consistently worthwhile.  Here he contributes a rather pleasing acoustic version of Sailors Of The Highway.  The Times later signed for Creation and are mostly an Ed Ball solo project – his version of The Slider adds a nice grungy element to the song.  I know nothing at all about the Necessitarians, nor why of the three tracks they contribute only one is a Bolan cover.

There are more detailed notes about this release than I can be bothered to write here.

  1. Congrats on being a father. Yes, I know all about the pain of finding a decent free filehost… so I bit the bullet and pay a monthly fee of about £6 on Dropbox. At least it keeps the files from being deleted and I get 100gb of storage for that…

    1. Congratulations! Hope you both get much more sleep than we did the first year. If so then please keep what is one of the best ever blogs going.

      1. Well the first 4 days were hideous because he wasn’t feeding properly, but it’s settling down now, and really things are OK. It’s nice to do a bit of stuff every day which isn’t baby related – and spinning some vinyl and writing here works well for that.

  2. Congratulations on being a father!
    Anyway, wanted to say thanks for the five go down to the sea? single, and the mighty mighty bbc session. I’m looking forward to check the last string of post tho, they are unknown to me, but your reviews make them look cool.

  3. Thanks. My lad is very calmed by music, so I’ve just spent a nice afternoon spinning vinyl and hanging out with him. I’ve just finished ripping a Richard H Kirk quadruple album which he loved – very laid back and bass heavy electronica.

    I’m surprised how many downloads I’ve had for the 5GDTTS 12″ – it’s obscure to say the least, but I think part of the value of these blogs is to dicover new music, not just fill gaps in your collection

  4. Congratulations on being a father and for your nice blog!

    1. Cheers!

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