Thick Pigeon: Too Crazy Cowboys


Factory 1984.  FACT 85


This album is something of a forgotten chapter in the history of Factory.  It was the band’s only album, although there were also a handful of singles.  Label aside, this release has a few claims to fame: firstly Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris, half of New Order play on the album, composer Carter Burwell went on to score all the Coen Brothers films, while the singer, Stanton Miranda worked with Kim Gordon pre Sonic Youth and appeared in Silence Of The Lambs among other well known films.

On to the music.  Well, it’s 80s synthpop, but there’s rather more too it than that, as you’d expect from its provenance.  The New Order sound is obvious in places, and the genre is taken somewhere which is by turns avant garde and really quite dark.  It’s very much of its time, but I think the artistic merit of the album shines through anyway

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  3. Very nice.

    Dark, but not gloomy.


  4. I’m having a ball here…just discovered your blog via Health and Efficiency. So much music still to discover and you seem to have thingy’s i didn’t know of or seem to be forgotten that some bands ‘n labels ring a bell. Anywho…bumped into a sentence about failing links and how to get them working again…well, i’m interested in the ‘Thick Pigeon’ album. Don’t know if it takes to big of effort to get it back on-line again, but would seriously appreciate that effort. Thx for everything and have a nice weekend.

  5. Hi there, New link for Thick Pigeons above – hope you enjoy it. Re-uploading stuff isn’t much hassle – the problem is more about spotting the dead links, so thanks for pointing it out. I reckon about 90% of the links currently work – let me know if you find any more dead ones.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog

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