Epic 45: You Are An Annual

Epic 45

Wayside And Woodland 2008.  W&W001


This is a rather handsome and extremely limited (300 copies) single from the local (to me) ambient post-rock outfit, Epic 45.  I don’t know a massive amount about the band – I caught a gig a few years back (maybe at the Supersonic Festival) and have bought stuff now and again ever since.  It was only when I looked this up on Discogs that I realised how prolific they’ve been…

This is a fantastic single, really cinematic and not unlike Boards Of Canada, but there are bits of Felt, Sigur Ros (without the bombast) in there as well.  These are remixes, but I don’t have the originals, so I don’t know how radical they are.

Further listening?  Well I really rate Weathering from 2011 which is still available, or In All The Empty Houses. Their more limited stuff (like this 12″) is self released here.


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