The Weather Prophets: She Comes From The Rain


Elevation Records 1987.  ACID1TX


I’ve got a surprisingly long way through this blog without posting any Weather Prophets (apart from a track on the Purple compilation), but Manny reminded me a few days back, so here’s the first of several.

This single, the limited edition version with an extra track no less was from their period away from Creation.  Actually Elevation was a short lived major label run by Alan McGee designed to feed Creation acts into the mainstream with a bit of marketing muscle.  Those ideas usually fail, and Elevation was no exception – the records they put out were somehow cheapened by the marketing, and in any case didn’t attract a new audience but did alienate their existing fan base.  This single might have looked cheap, but musically is pretty decent.

Peter Astor had something of an obsession with songs about rain, hence the title track, but good though that song is, there isn’t really a stand-out here; it all works pretty well.  He even makes a pretty good job of a rather ill advised Leonard Cohen cover (Who By Fire).  It’s classy, classic Creation indiepop.

Further listening?  Cherry red have a good retrospective and a re-issue of one of their Creation albums here.

  1. i love this so much. thank you

  2. Thanks very much. hope many more to come.

  3. I’ve now ripped all the Weather Prophets stuff I have, so they’ll appear here from time to time. I also have a couple of Loft singles which you’ll like.

    1. thanks, hope to see those Weather Prophets stuff soon.
      And also if you had anything by Pete Astor too?

      1. Nothing by solo by Peter Astor I’m afraid, just Weather Prophets and Loft. All I have will appear here at some point.

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