The Weather Prophets: Almost Prayed


Creation Records 1986.  CRE029


I’m a bit the worse for wear after an evening in the pub, so this has to be simple.  This is, I think, the best thing Peter Astor ever did.  You’re supposed to say that he did his best work with The Loft, but, well, I disagree.

This has a killer guitar riff, it’s a great song and they play it really well.  Is there anything to add to that?  Well if there is, I can’t think of it.

I was broke in 1986, so this isn’t the 12″, nor is it the limited double 7″.  It’s the cheapskate 7″, but that doesn’t matter because the title track is all you need.  If you can sit still while it’s playing, you should go to the doctor.

  1. Many thanks for this. I have the 12″ of this somewhere but buggered if I can find it. Also, I found a lot of the Creation vinyl pressings back in the mid/late 80s really crap quality. In fact it was the shitawful quality of their compilation “Doing It For The Kids” which made me purchase my first CD player! Another bad pressing was the Primal Scream single “Crystal Crescent”, especially the b-side “Velocity Girl”. Horrendous!

    1. I kind of wish I’d bought the 12″ – it’s such a great single, but I was so broke back then I barely had the bus fare to get to work.

      You’re dead right about the quality of a lot of Creation pressings. There are some good ones, but Alan McGee either didn’t care about sound quality, or was too off his face to notice. With a roster like that it’s a shame he didn’t get it right more often.

      This single doesn’t sound brilliant, and I played it a hell of a lot which doesn’t help, but it’s better than some.

      I ripped Doing It For The Kids, but the rip sounds so bad I’m too embarrassed to post it.

  2. Thanks again sir for this Weather Prophets post. Hope there will be a Mayflower post soon.

    1. Hi Manny, I don’t have Mayflower I’m afraid. I borrowed it from a friend at the time and taped it. I do have more Weather Prophets stuff though which I’ll be posting.

      1. I have Mayflower. I will add it to my long list for ripping for ESWA. Keep an eye open and expect it some time before Xmas. 😉

        1. Thanks, I’d love a copy of Mayflower.

          I know what you mean about a long list. Actually I don’t think I’ll ever finish ripping my vinyl – there’s just too much of it, and these days I have less and less time to do it.

  3. I\’ve found the 12″ of this and ripped it. I’ll upload it to my dropbox and email you the link, or you can email me if you’d prefer. I might not have the greatest turntable, just one of those “dreaded” usb turntables but I think it sounds ok!

    1. Thanks, I’d love to hear it.

      I’m actually out of the country at the moment, so I can’t download/upload anything, but if you could email a link I’ll grab it when I’m back.


  4. Mayflower will be up on ESWA this evening.

    Link is in the comments with an expiry date of 12/12/13

    1. Thanks – haven’t heard this since I stopped using cassettes..

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