Cabaret Voltaire: Hypnotised


Parlophone 1989.  12RS 6227


When I got back from shivering and being rained on in France, it was good to see a fresh batch of Cabs stuff over on Everything Starts With An A.  He posted the two albums from their much maligned major label period, when, in the words of Yeah Yeah Noh, they made a move for chart position.  His comments are absolutely spot on – this is not vintage Cabs by any means, and at the time their fans were horrified, for reasons which are obvious if you compare this material to their indie label output.  It’s commercial electronic dance music, with more than a nod to New Order and even the Pet Shop Boys in places.  So to compliment his posts, here’s the first of several singles from the same period.

Part of Parlophone’s ineffective marketing effort was filling record shops with very cheap singles containing endless remixes to try to catapult the Cabs into the charts.  I didn’t buy the albums having read the withering reviews, but couldn’t resist these cheap-as-chips singles – in fact I don’t think I even paid for some of them.

This single is taken from the album Groovy, Laid Back and Nasty and includes a rather unnecessary four versions.  Given the band’s legacy of inventive and experimental electronica, this was disappointing stuff, but taken on its own terms it works pretty well and I recall playing it quite a bit.  It deserved to chart and to get lots of attention in mainstream clubs, but neither happened.

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