Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Sings Larry Jon Wilson


LJW 2010.  LJW01


Today is a good day.  I managed to score a copy of Bonnie Prince Billy’s new album, which he self-released in secret, and just dropped off at sundry US record shops for them to sell.  Getting a copy involved phoning lots of US shops until I found one who was willing to post a copy to me.  Not an easy purchase, but by his standards not too bad; earlier this year he made an EP which was only available from a microbrewery somewhere I’d never heard of.  I guess he finds the idea of saps like me chasing around to get his releases amusing.  In a way I kind of like the way he does things, but it’s also annoying.  Fortunately the album is his best for ages, so it was worth the effort.  I might post it at some point, but there are rumours of a proper release, so I’ll wait till things are more certain.

In the meantime, here’s one of the many BPB 7″ singles I have, this being a split release with The Black Swans covering Larry Jon Wilson songs.  LJW was, apparently a country singer from the 1970s, but I’ve never heard of him.  However, on the strength of this he could write a decent song, and with BPB as one of my favourite interpreters of this sort of material, it’s worth a listen.

  1. Larry Jon Wilson is well worth investigating. I first heard him on the very fine Country Soul compilations that Jeb Loy Nichols put together – There\’s also a CD available that combines Larry\’s excellent New Beginnings & Let Me Sing LPs. Get a taste here:

  2. Thanks – that looks interesting. Just as soon as I’ve figured out how to download stuff from that blog, I’ll have a listen. Generally I’m not much into country, but now and again I come across a gem, and I get the feeling this might be another.

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