That Petrol Emotion: It’s A Good Thing


Demon Records 1986.  D1042


That Petrol Emotion had a great line in uplifting guitar based rock and this single is one of their best.   They emerged from the ashes of The Undertones, and my sacreligious opinion is that they were better.  There’s also a political edge as there ought to be from any Irish music from the 80s – the sleeve has a rant about inhuman strip-searches carried out by the British in those days.

The band were however pretty patchy – B sides were never a strong point, but with an A side this good, who cares.  It probably means it’s not worth shelling out for the 12″.

If anyone has a lossless rip of their album Manic Pop Thrill, preferably from the CD I’d be very grateful.  All I had was a cassette made by a friend which went to meet its maker long ago.

  1. Indeed a great band, and I agree better than the Undertones, though like them their latter releases somewhat weak. Anyway, just putting Manic Pop Thrill lossless in my dropbox, email me for the link!

  2. Thanks – it’ll be great to hear that again. I’ll email you shortly…

  3. Great album, great live band – sort of got lumped in with the C86 brigade thru their early association with the Pink Label, but definitely a breed apart. Steve Mack was a very personable chap, I recall, and enjoyed being “re-educated” about British and Irish politics by his bandmates. Didn’t he also date one of the Beehives?

    1. Blimey, I’m nowhere near cool enough to talk to musicians, never mind know who they dated!

  4. No worries, I’ve emailed you the link to you instead!

  5. Hi,I’ve been looking for a lossless copy of this album for ages.I’d be delighted if you could send me the link to it,,thanks, simzep..

    1. Link is above. This is a single, not an album.

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