Levitation: Nadine


Ultimate Records 1991.  TOPP003


Levitation were Terry Bickers band after leaving the House Of Love.  They were a bit more proggy than I usually go for, but Bickers wonderful guitar playing and some great song writing soon made me forget about that.

This single was their debut, later expanded into the Coppelia EP.  There’s some confusion over which is the A side – it seems to be Nadine, which is daft because Smile is by far the best track.

The band was pretty short lived, at least with Terry Bickers in the line-up, splitting two years later after only one very good album.  He was unstable at the best of times and stormed out unexpectedly at the end of a gig.

  1. Yes, Smile is by far the better track, as are the other 2 tracks on the Coppelia EP. I must admit to being a bit disappointed with their only album (I thought the production let it down somewhat), especially as they were such a fine live band…

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