The Shamen: Progeny


One Little Indian 1991.  TPLP32


I bought this by mistake quite recently.  I was in Polar Bear records in Brum, and there it was, a Shamen album I don’t have for £1.  It was only when I got home that I realised that it’s actually every version of Move Any Mountain plus a load of samples on a triple LP.  I like the track, but 19 versions?  Actually according to discogs the album is mispressed and one of the mixes is repeated, so if they’re right, there’s only 18 versions.  It finishes with the components of the original tracks because, in the words of the band, “We’re sick of remixing this fucker, so here are the bits, go do it yourself”.   They make for an odd and unexpectedly pleasing listening experience.

You might ask why I bothered ripping the whole thing?  Well taken a side at a time over several months it was fine.  Anyone who managed to make it through this in one sitting deserves a prize.

This is a silly album, but I quite like the OCD nature of it, and I guess if you’re a fan it’s worth having.  Some of the mixes are even quite good, especially the ones without Mr C’s rapping.