It’s Immaterial: Life’s Hard And Then You Die


Siren 1986.  SIREN LP 4


This album truly is a forgotten 80s gem.  So surprising is it that it’s never been re-issued that I didn’t realise until this evening when I checked before posting.

It’s a difficult album to describe because it’s very eclectic.  There’s pop of course, but also folk and post-punk, all delivered in a very English style.  The vocals are beautiful, and for the most part the song writing is superb.  What’s more it rewards repeated listens – if you do, its melancholy sophistication really gets under your skin.

I love the title too, but its brutality is an odd fit with this sensitively realised album.  It also sounds great which is a nice bonus.

  1. It does seem incredible that this is not available but once again many thanks for resuscitating yet more of my vinyl collection.

  2. It’s one of my favorite CDs, fantastic pop music with all sort of touches.
    I highly recomed it to anyone who loves quality pop music.
    It’s really a shame people can’t find it.
    The visitors of this blog should really thank you…

  3. It is at least worthless, so if you want a copy, of the vinyl at least, it won’t break the bank.

  4. Hope the link be available, at least ..

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