In Embrace: A Room Upstairs



Glass Records 1986.  GLASS 12051


I don’t have any recollection of how I came across this band.  I certainly never saw them play although they’re from Leicester which isn’t far from where I live.  I must have heard them on Peel.

This is slick, sophisticated synthpop with a distinctly English edge – not really what I usually go for, but I’m a sucker for a good song, which this is.

I had no idea they were so prolific until I looked this up on Discogs – strange that they remain so unknown to the extent that I couldn’t find a decent scan of the cover.  No info either – they seem to have disappeared without trace.

  1. Thanks for this rarity but I get an error message when i try to download.
    You seem to have a recordcollection containig a lot of stuff rarely seen on blogs.
    You wouldn’t by any chance have anything by bands like Keatons, Gag, The Shrubs, Badgewearer or the notorious Strechheads.

    Anything by these or related stuff would be greatly appreciated

    1. See below about the error message. Sorry, nothing by those bands, except maybe a track or two on compilation albums by The Shrubs.

  2. ultramegabit gives a “404 file not found” message for this record 🙁 Could you please look into it and/or reupload? Thanks 🙂

    1. ultramegabit say they’re doing hardware maintenance. This file has had a lot of downloads over the last 24 hours, so it seems like it works sometimes. I’d try again in a few days.

      1. It looks like ultramegabit have definitively lost that file, I still get a 404 when trying to download.

        1. No, the file is still there. It’s clearly visible when I log on to my account. Like I said before, I have no time to deal with this, so if ultramegabit get their act together, you’ll be able to download this, if not it will be January before I have a chance to put the files elsewhere.

          1. Ok, thanks. After reading your message I filed a support request with ultramegabit and finally today I could download it (just the archive name was turned into .rar%20 but after changing it to .rar I could open it fine).

  3. History lesson: Richard Formby (ex-Religious Overdose, Jazz Butcher, Spectrum, occasional member of Mogwai, and producer at large – Pale Saints, Telescopes, Wild Beasts, Bleach, Cud, Hood, Ghostpoet, Darkstar etc.) was a key member of In Embrace in the early-mid 1980’s (“Shouting in Cafes”, “Your Heaven Scent” etc.) but left during a rather difficult time between record labels (from Glass to Cherry Red and back again…) He still puts out material under his own name.

    1. Thanks – these sorts of connections make sense in terms of the quality of this single. I guess “In Embrace” just isn’t a very effective search term.

      I also have Shouting In Cafes which I’ll post at some point + a few bits and pieces by some of the bands you mention.

  4. Rapidshare link added above

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to reup. Rapidshare is anything but rapid but at least it works.

      1. No problem. I’m mostly interested in files not getting deleted – to me that’s more important than speed. With slow downloads you can always be getting on with something else while it chugs away.

        If the traffic on the blog goes up and it can generate a bit of money, I’ll splash out on a premium account to solve all these problems, but right now it doesn’t even cover the hosting.

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