Pigbros: Just Call Me God


Cake 1987.  12 PIECE 5


HansPeterExtra wanted a re-up of the Pigbros album I posted a while back.  I’m reluctant to do it because it sounds awful and needs re-doing with my fancy new cartridge – for some reason it’s particularly good at salvaging something listenable from poorly pressed LPs.  The problem is that about 2/3 of my vinyl is in storage because I’m about to emigrate – and that includes the Pigbros LP, so it’ll have to wait till I’m installed in my new abode.

However, this rather fine single is still on my shelves, so maybe it’ll tide him over till then.  I think it was their last – it’s certainly a step up from their earlier work in terms of polish, and the sound quality is decent for once.  The two tracks are excellent – both with really funky bass lines and Fuzz Townsend’s exciting drumming.  I could live without two versions of each, but it reminds me of why I used to go see them so often back then.

I’ve moaned in the past about the non-availability of live Pigbros material – well I found some the other day.  There’s a Mermaid gig (which I was at) here, and their Peel sessions here.  Both are horrible MP3s, but as far as I’m aware, they’re not available anywhere else.

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