Primal Scream: Live on “That Music Show”


Broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK, 2nd August 2013

This is one of a very occasional series of bootlegs.  I don’t watch much TV, but I noticed Primal Scream were playing on a new music quiz tonight, so I thought I’d rip it (just the music, not the quiz, and just the audio, not the visuals).  The quiz was unbearable, but Primal Scream were really on form.  Just two tracks, Rocks: an old one from Give Out But Don’t Give Up and a new one, Invisible City.

They have a new album out.  I’ve heard a few tracks from it and they’re excellent.  Get it direct from the band here


Various Artists: Creation, Purple Compilation


Creation Records 1988.  CRELP 032 CD


Some time ago I listed Creation’s first ever CD, a compilation of early singles. It’s been one of the most popular posts, so here’s its companion release, Purple. It covers similar ground, has similar artists and is of a similar high standard. As I recall it didn’t sell nearly as well as the first one – I guess people thought one of these compilations was enough. Anyway if you liked the first one, you’ll like this one too.

Various Artists: Flowers In The Sky


Creation Records 1988.  CRELP 028 CD


I bought this the same day I bought my first CD player.  As I left the shop I realised I had only one CD, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths – a good start but listening to one single over and over was going to drive me nuts, so I rushed out and bought this and the New Order Substance compilation.  As far as I know this was also the first CD Creation released – there are some with lower catalogue numbers, but with those the CD was issued some time after the vinyl.

Creation had a habit of putting out way too many compilation albums, usually when they were short of cash, and quality was often poor.  This one works well though.  It’s a retrospective of their early singles, although strangely the Revolving Paint Dream track it’s named after doesn’t appear.  It has the artists you’d expect – Primal Scream in their jangly phase, House Of Love & Felt, as well as forgotten gems like The Loft.  It works as a reminder of what made the label great in the first place – not that some of their later phases weren’t great too.


Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh & On-U Sound: The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown


Creation 1996.  crescd 194


A marriage made in heaven, this.  Primal Scream are absolutely at their peak, Irvine Welsh is the author of Trainspotting and I’ve been nuts about On-U ever since their bargain Pay It All Back sampler tempted me into the world of dub for the first time.

What we have is classic Primal, dubbed up by On-U with Welsh reading from Trainspotting over the top, made for the European Cup in 1996.  Of the three versions, it’s only the first which is really essential listening.

It wasn’t the only time On-U got involved with football – under the moniker The Barmy Army  they did a album full of football crowd samples called The English Disease.  If the useless slacker sorting my phono stage ever finishes it, I’ll rip my vinyl copy and post it here.  In the meantime, it’s CDs only I’m afraid.

I can’t imagine anyone needs further recommendations for Primal Scream, but just in case, Screamadelica is the one to have, but I also like Xtrmntr and their pretty decent attempt to be Exile On Main St era Stones on Give Out But Don’t Give Up.  Yes, I know most people hate that one, but I’m not most people.