Various Artists: Flowers In The Sky


Creation Records 1988.  CRELP 028 CD


I bought this the same day I bought my first CD player.  As I left the shop I realised I had only one CD, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths – a good start but listening to one single over and over was going to drive me nuts, so I rushed out and bought this and the New Order Substance compilation.  As far as I know this was also the first CD Creation released – there are some with lower catalogue numbers, but with those the CD was issued some time after the vinyl.

Creation had a habit of putting out way too many compilation albums, usually when they were short of cash, and quality was often poor.  This one works well though.  It’s a retrospective of their early singles, although strangely the Revolving Paint Dream track it’s named after doesn’t appear.  It has the artists you’d expect – Primal Scream in their jangly phase, House Of Love & Felt, as well as forgotten gems like The Loft.  It works as a reminder of what made the label great in the first place – not that some of their later phases weren’t great too.


  1. The Loft reformed, played a couple of gigs, split up and then reformed again, played a couple of gigs – you get the picture. I last saw them supporting another ex Creation Act (who have also reformed) The June Brides at the end of 2011. Cracking gig it was too.

  2. I had no idea. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t reform the Weather Prophets instead – they were a good deal more successful as I recall. More Loft/Weather Prophets to come on this blog at some point.
    I’ve got a few bit and pieces by the June Brides – they’ll probably get posted some time too – although none of what I have is on Creation.
    The last reformed 80s Indie band I saw were Yeah Yeah Noh, which was kind of fun, but I didn’t think much of their new material.

  3. My bad. The June Brides were not on Creation but frontman Phil Wilson was.

    Talking about old bands reforming have you seen this.

  4. I have, but only because Andy posted it somewhere here. I can’t go because I’m going to become a dad for the first time round about then. I used to hate this sort of thing though – 80s bands should stay in the 80s, but I’m mellowing a bit now because they can be a fun night out. I enjoyed seeing Yeah Yeah Noh a few months back.

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  8. There you go….

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