Sandoz: Intensely Radioactive


Touch, TO:23  1994


More Sheffield electronic goodness today, this time from Richard H Kirk’s most significant alias, Sandoz.  Kirk is best known as a founder member of the mostly excellent Cabaret Voltaire (See this post for an early Cabs track), so his importance in electronic music is beyond question.

This album doesn’t have the hard edged industrial feel of much of Cabaret Voltaire’s best output; it has elements of dub which have been developed further in subsequent releases but it keeps the otherwordly quality which drew me to the Cabs in the first place.

More music?  Well his new dub album on Soul Jazz is a storming realisation of ideas he’s been playing with for a while.

    1. Thanks for this! You don’t happen to have “Every Man Got Dreaming”, do you?

      1. You’re welcome. It’s also nice to get a comment which isn’t spam for once.

        No, I don’t have Every Man I’m afraid – the only other Sandoz I have is God Bless The Conspiracy. Happy to post that for you.

        Will post some Cabs stuff in future too, but that’s all on vinyl, and my turntable still isn’t fixed. Grrrr.

  1. No worries! Thanks for the reply. Again, keep up the great work!

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