Ultra Vivid Scene: Joy 1967 – 1990


4AD 1990.  CAD0005


I posted UVS’s debut album the other day and it’s been popular, so here’s the follow up.

The title is the inscription on a fictional tombstone, death being one of Kurt Ralske’s obsessions.  However the album isn’t at all as bleak as you might expect; if anything it’s uplifting.  If you’ve heard the first album, this very much continues the journey, but the sound, thanks to producer Hugh Jones and a bunch of session musicians is fuller and more open.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing – the strangely claustrophobic and sparse sound of the first album is like no other and reflects Ralske’s insularity.

Obvious stand out is the single, Special One which feature The Pixies’ singer Kim Deal as a guest vocalist.  I’ll post the single version another time.

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