Heidi Berry: Firefly


Creation Records 1987.  CRELP023


I seem to be putting much more Creation stuff on this blog than I expected.  This is Heidi Berry’s debut which was rather out of place on the label with it’s resolutely folky style.  She was (Loft/Weather Prophets frontman) Peter Astor’s girlfriend which I guess had something to do with it, but the quality, if not the style is certainly worthy of the label.  The usual comparisons are Sandy Denny and Nick Drake, and while her work doesn’t scale the heights they managed, it gives a good idea what to expect.

After this and a full length LP for Creation, she signed for 4AD which was slightly more appropriate for her than Creation, but still an odd place for a folk singer to end up.

I’m slightly cheating here.  I don’t have the album as linked to above – Firefly was included as bonus tracks on the CD release of her next Creation album, but I’ve separated them because they work better that way.

Surprisingly given how long it’s been since she released anything, you can still get a rather nice retrospective called Pomegranite, but her regular albums are more-or-less worthless second hand.

  1. Just wondering if there are only 6 tracks here. The songs are numbered 11-16. Is that correct or are there 10 tracks missing? I\\\’m only seeing songs 11. OUT OF MY HANDS through 16. HASTEN THE BUDS TO BLOOM. Thanks for posting this rare album. Can\\\’t wait to hear this.

  2. Hi Charles, Yes, there are only 6 tracks on the album. The filenames show 11 – 16 because those are the track numbers on the CD, but the tagging is correct, ie the tracks are numbered 1 – 6.

    Hope you enjoy it.

  3. I see. I’m listening to it right now. I’ve always wondered about this record. Thanks for posting it.

  4. […] Berry’s second album marked quite a departure from her first.  It’s darker, quieter and more powerful, but has the same excellent songwriting and vocal […]

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