New Fast Automatic Daffodils: I’m Set Free


Play It Again Sam Records, 1990. BIAS 185-7

Discogs (This link is for the whole Pigeonhole album. Only the bonus 7″ is presented here)

The New Fads have been a pretty consistent companion for the last 25 years or so, and while I prefer the darker character of their later material, they were pretty consistent throughout their short career.  This is a 7″ single which was given away free with the first few copies of their debut album, Pigeonhole.  The A side is a cover of a Velvet Underground track, originally on their third album, The Velvet Underground.  The New Fads version also appeared on a Velvets tribut album, and while it’s hardly their finest hour, it’s a solid performance featuring their distinctive choppy guitar work.  The B side is on the CD version of the Pigeonhole album.

As for further listening, everything is of course deleted, although you can get the first two albums in horrible MP3 format on itunes.


  1. Mates it seems like most if not all ultramegabit links from your site are down.
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  2. The recent ultramegabit links still work. Can’t upload any more to 4shared because my account is full. Zshares is OK, but only for singles because of the limit on file size. Big problems with everything else I’ve tried, so for now it’s ultramegabit for big files, zshares for singles. Trouble is I don’t have much time to check out loads of file hosts to find an alternative.

    This one’s now re-upped.

  3. Your link above is direct.
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    these are fine too

  4. Thanks – I hadn’t noticed. Now corrected.

    I’ve always had problems downloading files from Mega which is why I’ve never used it for hosting. Sometimes it works for me, but often it doesn’t.

    Netkups is used over at Everything Starts With An A – and it’s really good, but they seem to delete files quickly.

    I haven’t tried zippyshare – I’ll give it a go next.


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