Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons: Nothing Matters (In Tape 12″ Version)


In Tape 1988.  ITTI059


This is the second and last Robert Lloyd In Tape 12″; the first one is here.

It has a lot in common with Something Nice.  It’s long but doesn’t outstay its welcome, it’s a great song performed with an infectious energy and no-one bought it.  The first B side is a rather odd variant on Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue (!) but when it launches straight into  Mr Superior, normal service is resumed.  Why he sings it as Mr Soupy Rear isn’t clear though.

According to Discogs I also have his entire output on Virgin, so I’ll post that at some point too.

  1. […] final single of Robert Lloyds brief solo career. I’ve posted his two indie singles here and here.  This suffers somewhat from major label over-production which as I recall alienated his existing […]

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