Robert Lloyd: Funeral Stomp


Virgin 1990. VST1196


This was the final single of Robert Lloyds brief solo career. I’ve posted his two indie singles here and here.  This suffers somewhat from major label over-production which as I recall alienated his existing fan base while failing to win any new ones.  As a result it featured heavily in bargain bins throughout the 90s.  However underneath all of that it’s a decent enough song, and the B sides didn’t suffer so much from the production, so are more rewarding listens.

The last track features Peter Byrchmore on guitar.  I went to school with him, although he was in the year above me, so he was never a friend.  The riff he plays here is very familiar – I’ve heard him use it live, but not with Robert Lloyd, or even I think the Nightingales, who he’s best known for playing with.   It’ll come to me eventually.

  1. Actually playing on all three tracks, violin on Funeral Stomp guitar on the others. Used Last Laugh riff in short lived shite band I was in called The Capitols. Re being at school with me , who are ya?

  2. Ha, the Capitols – maybe that’s where I heard the riff, and yes, they weren’t very good. For some reason I have their only single – I have no recollection of buying it, or even playing it, so no idea how that happened. I guess it’ll get posted here at some point.

    Who am I? Well given what this blog is, I’d rather not say here, but Graeme R knows me very well – he’ll tell you. My guess is you’ll recognise me, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation. Next time I see you out and about, I’ll introduce myself.

    1. Good enough, yeh do say hello

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