Various Artists: Isolationism

Various Artists - Isolationism

Virgin Ambient 1994.  AMBT4


This is another installment of Virgin’s groundbreaking Ambient series.  This one was so influential that it spawned a whole new genre, or at least gave it a name.  Like the previous albums I’ve posted from this series, it was compiled by Kevin Martin and, as far as I can tell, features all exclusive tracks.  Isolationism is ambient music, but with a dark, threatening edge, and this album contains all the most important musicians in that area.   Like most of the albums in this series, it’s carefully compiled to function as a coherent whole, while the quality of individual tracks is high.  These aren’t discarded tit bits left from other projects, even from the big names; Aphex Twin’s contribution is as good as anything he’s done.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this – such a great comp, and I only had mp3’s of it before. Cheers!!!

  2. You’re welcome, Peter. It’s great isn’t it.

    I’ll gradually post the whole ambient series – I have everything except the last one, Guitars On Mars – hopefully a copy of that will turn up at some point.

  3. Re-upped

  4. and again….

  5. And again…. Hopefully this’ll be the last time for a while.

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