Cabaret Voltaire: Drinking Gasoline


Virgin 1985. CVM1.


I guess you could call this an album – it’s actually two 12″ singles, but the total playing time is almost an album.  Actually the 2×12″ format is superb because the sound is better, especially with music like this.

It represented an interesting transition for the Cabs, between the obstinately experimental sound of their earlier records (like Nag Nag Nag) and the more commercial sound they’d later embrace.  So it has that heavy industrial sound and chanted lyrics they were known for but with dancefloor friendly bass heavy riffs. At over 8 minutes per side they’re perhaps a bit long, but it works for me.

It is apparently the soundtrack to a video called Gasoline In Your Eye which I’ve never seen.  My copy is mispressed – according to Discogs all the UK copies were, so I’ve corrected the tagging to reflect what is actually playing rather than what the label says.  I’ve sequenced them in the order they appear on the cover.

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  2. The upload site, 4shared, asks for a social network profile.
    Can you please upload \”Drinking Gasoline\” & \”Nag Nag Nag\” in ultramegabit ?

  3. That must be new – it didn’t do that when I uploaded all the stuff. It’ll be a right PITA uploading all my 4shared stuff to another site.

    I’m not going to have time to do this for a week or so – I’m so busy right now I barely have time to eat. It’ll happen at some point though.

  4. A big big thank you in advance.

    I know it takes time & energy so I really appreciate it.

  5. OK, this is actually a re-rip. I noticed that my old cartridge had struggled a bit on the original post, so I’ve done another one with my swanky new cartridge. Link above.

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