Various Artists: Surfin’ In The Subway


Subway Organization 1987.  SUBORG4


I’ve been quite rude about the Subway stuff I’ve posted in the past (sorry Tom), but I must say, digging this out decades after I last heard it was a pleasant surprise.  Yes, it has all the features of Subway which I don’t think have aged too well, but somehow here it works much better.

Stars of the show are The Flatmates with the final track, Love Cuts.  It has all the Flatmates’ hallmarks – corny tune with worse lyrics, badly played and sung but I actually really like it, although I’m not really certain why.  It’s the bit at the end which particularly works – all they’re doing is strumming their way through the chords which make up the song, but it had me jumping around the room.  They obviously knew it was good – it’s the only time I can think of that a  Flatemates track goes beyond a couple of minutes.  The preceding track by Bubblegum Splash, The 18.10 To Yeovil Junction achieves something similar although not quite as well.  The Razorcuts come up trumps with the hilarious Big Pink Cake. If you’re going to be twee, you might as well go completely over the top with it.  The rest is fairly standard Subway stuff, good if that’s what you’re into, although Rodney Allen just makes me want to listen to Billy Bragg, who did the same thing infinitely better.

This is a sequel to Take The Subway To Your Suburb which I’ve re-upped.  In fact the two albums were released together on CD at some point (in Japan I think).

  1. Ha ha. Yes they were all re-released on CD with even more tracks under the names Whole Wide World. If you want copies let me know.

  2. Not sure if I have mentioned this before but The Faltmates have reformed and are touring again from next month. Swedish vocalist Lisa Bouvier has taken over from vocals from Debbie Haynes. Debating whether to go to be honest!

  3. Hi Tom, yes, a copy of the CD would be nice…

    I didn’t know they’d reformed – and there’s not much info out there about gigs, but I did find this:

    A bit more Subway stuff to come….

  4. Okay mate – there are three CD’s! I will dig them out for you.
    Flatmate gigs in August:

    Friday August 23rd – Bristol, The Exchange. With Design and Flowers
    Saturday August 24th – London Bridge, The Miller. With Flowers and Design
    Sunday August 25th – Brighton, At The Edge Of The Sea Festival @ The Concorde 2
    More gigs lined up in October/November for Scotland & North England. More info at

    1. That’s great, thanks. And thanks for the gig dates – since I’m posting there music here I guess they should get something back, and a little bit of gig promotion is better than nothing I guess.

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