The Three Johns: Brainbox (He’s A Brainbox)


Abstract 1985.  ABS036


Another single from the ever reliable Three Johns, this one being the follow-up to Death Of The European.  I doubt I’ll be posting much else by them, because according to their web site, they’ve bought the master tapes from Abstract and will be re-releasing their back catalogue.  The site also has stuff to listen to including a bunch of radio sessions, and it seems they’re actively gigging again.  If they’re even half as good as they were back in the 80s it would make a good night.  There are a couple of Three Johns tracks on compilations I’ve posted in the past, all of which should still be available.

  1. Something wrong with your link.
    Check it and try to download.
    THE THREE JOHNS are good.
    I like rare Inspiral Carpets – Currently looking for “Sackville”.

  2. Works fine for me – you’ve probably clicked on an ad, not the download link. It’s easily done.

    If it really doesn’t work, try this one:



  3. Please don’t post direct links here. If you do, it’ll trigger take down notices and my account will be suspended. If that happens, most of the music on here will disappear. The links are disabled for a reason. That’s why I’ve edited your post.

    The only Inspiral Carpets I have is already posted here:

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