Caresse & Sickmob: R U Xperienced?


Temple Records 1989.  TOPY 044


I can’t make my mind up about this.  Is it unspeakable garbage or inspired genius?  I bought it for peanuts in a bargain bin realising that it must be a Psychic TV side project, which indeed it is, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  The song is of course the Hendrix classic, but here it’s performed more like a funeral dirge with vocals provided by Genesis P Orridge’s six year old daughter, Caresse.  Clearly someone in Italy thought it was brilliant – it was used as the theme for a TV show and appeared over there as a 7″ on a label owned by Silvio Berlusconi.  I can’t imagine what sort of show it could have been.  There’s also a rather fine video to accompany the track.

The b side is interminable and never really seems to go anywhere.

  1. Thank you very much for it, and for the info.
    (THAT daughter SHE IS)
    You sure have other records of that period

    I do like Techno Acid Beat
    and have missed the BOX
    sO the only hope now is on you to

    1. I have more Psychic TV stuff which I’ll post at some point, but not Jack The Tab I’m afraid…

  2. Good God, this is horrible. Thanks for posting it though.

  3. I posted this partly because I’ve been worrying too much about quality on this blog. Quality would only matter if I was being paid to write it. The blog is actually a byproduct of digitising my vinyl, which is about creating a record of my musical journey for my own benefit, not picking out the best. It’s also about pulling out weird vinyl I’d forgotten about and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I bought it. I like to think I have (mostly) good taste and am reasonably competent at record buying, so most of what’s here is good, but this won’t be the last terrible record I post. My weakness is a liking for bargain bins – most of the howlers I have arrived that way, but they’ve also led me to a lot of forgotten gems.
    If this has traumatised you too much, try the Bonnie Prince Billy single I posted today – it should calm you down.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad to hear this stuff. Where else can you find weird things like this record. Some of my favourite bands have terrible releases but I’m glad I’ve heard them. One of the earliest records of the Durutti Column (a personal fave) is I GET ALONG WITHOUT VERY WELL. An absolutely awful song, but what a treasure to own. No, I was serious when I said thanks for posting. I appreciate the effort you put into this blog and hope you continue posting these very rare tracks, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just happy to have this opportunity to find out what’s out there.

      1. Don’t worry, Charles, I wasn’t offended. I think you’re right – these blogs should be at least partly about discovering really weird stuff, which may or may not be good. This record definately counts as weird!

  4. […] turned up a weird co-incidence.  The album is produced by Fred Gianelli, who went on to make this single with Psychic TV.  I think it’s him on the cover too.  Don’t hold that against […]

  5. ha! thanks for this! haven’t heard it in ages… there’s a video for it; which looks like it was cranked out in half a day at the local public access station with lots of corny chroma key effects, etc.

    I saw them in detroit in ’88 I think and after the 3 hour show, my friends said “that was great that they did ‘are you experienced’!” and I laughed and said “they did?” sure enough, my friend made a cassette recording of the show and there it was… lol, guess it all sorta blended together at the time!

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