New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Get Better


Play It Again Sam 1991.  BIAS 193-7


I haven’t had much time lately to do vinyl rips, hence the spate of singles.

I played this recently on a whim and realised that it’s a different version of the track to the one on the Pigeonhole album, and unlike the album version, it’s produced by the legendary Martin Hamnett of Factory fame.  Oddly the B side, Pigeonhole, doesn’t appear on the Pigeonhole album.

While I prefer their later, darker material, this single is still excellent.  It has the usual choppy guitar work, interesting rhythm section and great songwriting.  This version has a great freeform guitar solo based more on feedback than anything else.

Unfortunately I only have the tightwad 7″ of this.  If anyone can let me have a lossless rip of the CD version I’d be grateful – it has a couple of extra tracks I’ve never heard.

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