The Very Things: Mummy, You’re A Wreck


Reflex Records 1985.  12Re09


FuseRed from the excellent Radio Session blog asked for a re-up of a fine Very Things album I posted a while back, which reminded me of this equally fine single.  The A side (which I think is a cover) deals with one of the bands numerous obsessions – 1950s B movie horror, not that they sound anything at all like the Cramps.  In fact the singer sounds like he’s from a 1920s music hall, backed by an 80s indie band.  The B side abandons the horror theme with a tale about the mess father got in when he did some wallpapering.  I realise none of this sounds terribly appealing, but this is a great single.  I’ve also re-upped the album if you want more.

On a more mundane subject, I’m having filehost problems.  Ultramegabit are doing some sort of maintenance, which has meant their links have been very temperamental for a few days.  The files are still there, so I’m hoping they’ll sort things soon.  I have no time to move the files somewhere else, so you’ll just have to be patient.  While you’re waiting you could check out some older posts – pretty much everything with 4shared, zshares and mega links should be working.  Most of the slingfile links are down, but that still leaves around 140 working.

This file is on rapidshare which is an experiment.  Let me know how it goes and maybe I’ll use them more.