C-Cat Trance: Shake The Mind


Ink Records 1986.  INK1220


As you’ve probably guessed I’ve been away for Christmas.  I was going to post some Christmasy stuff (I do have some that’s worth hearing), but there was no time.  Maybe next year.  Anyway, I’m back now, so posts will be more regular.  It also looks like Ultramegabit have sorted themselves out.

C-Cat Trance are an indie-funk band of a sort I mostly ignored at the time, but this one slipped through the net for reasons that are obvious when you listen to it.  In retrospect I don’t think this style of funk has stood the test of time particularly well unlike the 1970s US variety, but a good tune is a good tune regardless of style, and in any case this single still stands up well I think.

  1. Ultramegabit seem to playing games now. The screen refresh/overloaded servers warning seems to be an attempt to extract money from those who want the file. 🙁 I gave up after 15 mins when I realised what they were up to.

  2. No problem for me, I only had to wait a couple minutes to get a free download spot. Thanks.

  3. I noticed that too, but it went to the download screen after a couple of minutes.

    I’ve added a zshares link. They’re a nightmare to upload to, but they never seem to delete anything, and no-one’s complained about downloading (yet)

    1. depositfiles are giving 25 Gb of free unlimited storage, and solidfiles 50 Gb, in case you’re looking for alternatives.

      1. Thanks, I’ll look into it. How are they for deleting files?

  4. I never had a DMCA request so I don\’t know but I suppose both comply wih valid requests from copyright holders (Depositfiles are based in the US and Solidfiles in Sweden). The only thing with Depositfiles is that they scan what\’s being uploaded and automaticaly delete the upload if it matches copyrighted material. Protecting files with a password is enough to block their filters though. It\’s a small price to pay for a very good service imo, I never had a failed upload/download in almost a year of using their service. Solidfiles is much more basic. What\’s good with them is that they don\’t apply download restrictions (no waiting time, high download speed). So I think both are worth a try, and afaik none have a \”3 strikes and you\’re out\” policy.

  5. Ah yes, now you mention it, I think I tried Depositfiles ages ago, and they deleted everything immediately, so I gave up on them. It was odd because I was uploading vinyl rips of very obscure stuff.

    What I meant about deleting files wasn’t DMCA – I’ve never had one either, but inactivity deletions. I’m getting really fed up of having to endlessly re-up things. Of the hosts I’ve tried, most delete much faster than they say. 4 shared don’t, but my account with them is full, zshares also seem not to, but they only accept small files and their web site is a total nightmare.

  6. That’s what I meant by unlimited, no deletion, so you get 25 Gb with Depositfiles (it’s called DepositStorage) and 50 Gb with Solidfiles (same amount as with Mega). Forever. Or until the FBI makes a move on those companies…

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